Tentacle Sync

A sneak peek into the future of smart timecode.

No one can deny it. Since the introduction of Tentacle Sync, our little octopus has changed the definition of how a timecode generator should be. Small, easy to use and smart.

But Tentacle Sync is not just a timecode generator – it is a complete, professional workflow solution. No matter if you are a youtuber or a feature film sound engineer, Tentacle Sync does the job.

And now we have taken that to the next level.




Accurate, small, lightweight and easy to use: You won’t want to work without Tentacles again.

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Provide a perfect workflow solution for everyone on your production team and save time and money.

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The Tentacle Sync software makes syncing, viewing and exporting files with timecode a breeze.

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With batteries lasting for up to 40 hours, an inaccuracy of less than 1 frame in 24 hours and a super-convenient UI, Tentacles are true “set and forget” devices.


The small, lightweight and unobtrusive Tentacles work with virtually all cameras and recorders on the market and bring timecode technology to any set.


As a producer, your job is to provide your crew with a streamlined production environment. So why not try a simple, cost-efficient workflow solution?


Tentacle Sync makes teamwork more fluid than ever while minimizing the risk of delays in post-production – saving you time and money. A perfect solution for all budgets.


The Tentacle Sync software prepares your material for editing within a glimpse. Just throw your clips in and that’s it!


Tentacle Sync allows you to read and analyze all kind of timecodes, including audio timecode, and enables you to sync, view and export dailies immediately – faster and more reliable than other software solutions.



Tentacles can be seen as accurate clocks, all running the exact same time. Connected to each camera or audio recorder, this time information will be recorded into the files of that recording device. In postproduction you can easily make use of that information to synchronize audio and video files which have been recorded at the same time.

Since this method is based on precise digital timing information and does not rely on shaky audio tracks, it works 100% and can be synchronized much faster than with pure software solutions.


Before shooting starts, you synchronize Tentacles by connecting them via cable, so that every Tentacle runs exactly the same time. The setup of the device works super-convenient either via laptop or smartphone. 



From a DSLR to an Arri Alexa, Tentacle works with all of them. Use as many Tentacles as you need.
To connect Tentacle to different devices, we offer a wide range on specific adapter cables. 



Timecode itself does not synchronize your material, it only makes it possible. For this task we have invented Tentacle Sync Studio (macOS)

Just throw your clips in and that’s it. Tentacle Sync Studio automatically synchronizes video and audio via timecode. It enables you to sync, view and export dailies immediately with almost no effort!



design by Frederick Brückner / PRDC-DSGN

  • Super small (34 x 50 x 16 mm) and lightweight (30 g)
  • Super simple usage:
    • DIP-Switchless operation (no screwdriver needed)
    • Just one button and LED
    • Setup via laptop or smartphone
  • DSLR-ready: Switchable mic/line output + build-in microphone for reference sound
  • Generates all SMPTE timecode rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF and 30 FPS
  • Compatible with all professional equipment: Uses LTC timecode according to SMPTE-12M standard
  • High precision TCXO:
    • Inaccuracy less than 1 frame in 24 hours
    • Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
  • Can act as master clock (Green Mode) or jam-sync to any external timecode source (Red Mode)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    • Lasts for up to 40 hrs
    • Fast charging via USB (1.5 hrs)
    • More than 3 years of battery life (depends on usage)
    • Will be replaceable
  • Integrated hook surface on back for easy mounting
  • Made in Germany


Simple and easy to use Software for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS to setup your Tentacles.

  • Set framerate and tc output level
  • Check battery and currently running timecode
  • Set User Bits and internal RTC


Every Tentacle unit comes with a fully full featured version of Tentacle Sync Studio wich enables you to sync your material with just a click. It works with nearly any kind of timecode, even if you have used a competitors timecode technology.

  • Drag and drop functionality: Just throw your media folders in and view your synced dailies instantly.
  • Reads and analyses any timecode recorded on audio tracks, even from competitor’s products
  • Supported import formats: Quicktime, AVCHD, R3D, MP4, BWF, WAVE, MXF, MP3
  • Supported export formats: Quicktime, XML: FCP7, Premiere CC, FCPX, AAF
  • Simultaneously sync and transcode your material on export to more editing-friendly codecs like ProRes and AVC-Intra
  • Multicam support
  • System requirements: min. macOS 10.9




Setup Software

Application Software

  • NEW Tentacle Sync Studio V1.14 (min. macOS 10.9)
    Batch timecode synchronisation software for OS X. Sync, check and export your footage within seconds for your favorite editing.
  • NEW Tentacle Timecode Tool V1.08 (min. Win 7)
    Handy tool for windows users that reads audio timecode and prepares your footage for editing.

Beta Software

  • There is currently no beta version available
    Please download the latest release version above.


White Papers

Pinouts and Wiring Diagrams
Please note: Tentacle recommends to use Neutrik NTP3RC connectors!

Foto: Heike Fischer, Köln


We are both cameramen who have been working in the film sector for many years. We filmed with all kind of cameras and also edited some of our projects. Our experience was that syncing can be a real pain – especially when using DSLR cameras or other semi-professional equipment. We thought there must be an affordable professional technical solution for this problem. But so far there was none. So we decided to change this. 

When we realized that this worked flawlessly, we thought that Tentacle could actually be a really helpful tool for others too. Over the last two years we and a lot of our friends and colleagues tested the Tentacles and the software in all kinds of settings: From student film to international high-end commercials, from rough documentary settings to TV multicam studio productions. 

Whenever we thought of a way to improve it, we got on it and found a solution. And now, Tentacle Sync is ready for market. We hope you love it!

Contact Us!

Tentacle Sync GmbH
Eifelwall 30
50674 Köln (Germany)

Managing Directors: Ulrich Esser, Maximilian Kaiser
Handelsregister: HRB 87105, Amtsgericht Köln

USt-Id-Nr./VAT: DE305922358

Phone +49 221 6778320 32
Fax +49 221 6778320 39


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